Artist Sketch - Bust ( No Color, Neck Up)


Artist Sketch - Bust ( No Color, Neck Up)


You have a favorite artist and/or writer and you want to want to get a sketch, why not?! It’s one of a kind and no-one else has it.

  • Price includes: Artist Fee

  • Store pick up at no cost, does not include delivery if needed.

  • For home delivery you must provide your address ( Delivery fee is extra )

*Please Note: By selecting and paying for this option

  • Multiverse Corps Comics and/or Tim is not responsible for the turn out of the signature or placement of the image. If you wish to have a certain placement of the signature and image, please make a signing window indicating where to signed and sketch (See our Youtube Video on how to make a signing window)

  • Multiverse Corps Comics and all it’s entities are not responsible for any missing items after CGC LLC. delivers the product. As soon as the book(s) are dropped off and set to be delivered to your home, Multiverse Corps Comics is not responsible for it.

  • Any Extra charge the artist may charges will be billed to you the next day you can stop by the store and/or before you pick up you books.

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