The Wait is OVER

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don’t be fooled, you’ve always had a choice

The Switch is a bold initiative that exposes what people have never been exposed to in the comic book community: YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

You as a customer had always had a choice, you don’t have to put up with awful customer service, awful experience and horrible quality books.

The Switch Promise

Better Customer Service - You are our customer, you keep us in business so you deserve a great customer service. at Multiverse Corps. Comics we are attentive to you whether you need full product information, helping out on finding back issue books or ordering. We go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, we try our best to give you a red carpet treatment, we are also the only Comic Book Store in Miami to submit to CGC and CBCS a service all of our customers love.

Better Store Experience - You deserve the best experience as soon as you walk in our doors, not only we try to make your experience special as soon as you walk in but our events are a community stapled. We have HUGE Store events (32 events in 2018) Free Comic Book Day 2018 we had the largest in attendees in Miami with 320 people, and Multiverse Corps. Comics is THE ONLY Comic Book Store in Miami to host MAJOR ARTIST SIGNINGS (10 artist signings in 2018).

Better Discounts - We give THE MOST DISCOUNTS IN MIAMI….How much?..Up to 50% off daily!

Better Quality Books - Each and everyone of our books are handled with our trademark White Cotton Gloves, Why? Because we believe that it does not matter how it was handled before it matters how we take care of them NOW! and we also have develop a partnership with our UPS delivery service that allows our books transported with great care, and because of these so far all of the books we send out to CGC from our store are nothing lower than 9.8.

Need more information on other Benefits you receive as a FREE Subscriber? Click the link below, if not…fill out the form below and Welcome to Multiverse Corps. Comics…Welcome to Better.

**Rules and Restrictions located at the bottom of this page

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Rules and Restriction:

1) At least 5-10 items should be listed on your Subscription/Pull-List

2) Pick up your Subscription/Pull-List at least once within 30days.

3) Subscription should be at least 30days old.

*offer only valid from December 26th, 2018 - January 14th, 2019