Here we are we're about 2 months away from grand opening and about 3 weeks away from store renovation. This month is an exciting month, not only will renovation will start this month but as the title states....WE ARE HIRING!! Yes, Multiverse Corps. Comics is currently hiring and conducting interviews all month, you may have seen our ad on your Facebook and Instagram feeds, if you haven't yet checkout the jobs section on our website if you're interested or if you know someone that maybe interested.

This is a very exciting opportunity because like our tag line says; We're ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT COMIC BOOK STORE and we have our sights on giving the old traditional comic book store a REBIRTH, and if you haven't yet you'll see as you look around our site it is way different from what you know. We're infusing the video game/Esports culture in the store to give you, our customers, a different store experience and a different great environment to be in. Whether you are a casual reader and curious about Esports, or an Esports competitive gamer curious about comic book culture or maybe your well rounded on both community and just want a place to hang out, there is something for you at Multiverse Corps. Comics.

Finally, as you can tell there are sections that you may not be able to access on our website, this is because it will not be available until July....BUT!!...You can get your hands on the exclusive password needed to access it and get a sneak peak of what to expect come this August Grand Opening. Simply sign up early to be one of our loyal subscribers (Starting August) and you'll receive the password! 

Multiverse Corps. Comics exist because of you guys, each and every one of you looking for a better store that will give you great experience and great service, and Multiverse Corps. Comics will delivery this to you.


Multiverse Corps. Comics Team