MIAMI!!! From the bottom of our heart at Multiverse Corps. Comics we want to say thank you for all the love that you've shown from applying to our latest opening to like our Facebook page and sharing our page..

THANK YOU!....You guys are the sole reason why we exist and that reason is change; no more will you be treated like a dollar sign, no more rude employees that look like they don't want you there because they themselves don't want to be there.

Change is coming and we're working as fast as we can so we can show you guys something better: Better customer service, Better customer experience anchored by Quality that's our foundation.

To further show you guys our appreciation we want to do something for you guys, we want you guys to have your voices heard and let any store that has mistreated you, misled you and made you awkward in their store environment as soon as you walk in that change is coming and you're ready for it, lets make them listen, here's how: 

Help us grow our social media platform, our goal is by July 30th we would have 2,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook:

1) Like and share us on Facebook: Store renovation starts on June 26th and we're already (currently) 62 followers strong...yes 62...and we're grateful for all 62 (current) us keep that going! 

2) Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: Once you have lets have fun!....

If possible please take a photo of yourself holding up the latest funko or comic book or t-shirt.... anything you've bought recently at your shop that are damaged or tainted in anyway that's not your fault, and when you tried to go back and explain they didn't believe you and brushed you off instead write something about it post it with hashtags: #changeiscoming #mccmia #multiversecorpscomics #miamicomicbookstore.

Or simply text your horrible customer service experience at a comic book store, screen shot it, post it with hashtags: #changeiscoming #mccmia #multiversecorpscomics #miamicomicbookstore and/or DM us along with your IG or Twitter handle (and name) and we will repost them for you (all links are at the bottom of this site). 

Here's what you will love!....In exchange, we will pick 100 of the best ones and on our Midnight release party of DC Comics momentous event DARK NIGHTS: METAL on August 16 the people that has completed task 1 and 2 will receive a copy of DARK NIGHTS: METAL under our 'VIP price'...What's that price?...we will message that price to you because that yours and yours alone! (WHILE QUANTITIES LAST!)

AGAIN....THANK YOU MIAMI!!....and we can't wait to see your pictures and comments!

We can't wait to celebrate our Grand Opening on August 5th with everyone of you guys!

Multiverse Corps. Comics.