Welcome to Multiverse Corps. Comics...Welcome to change

We want to reserve this space and to introduce ourselves to you Miami. We are Multiverse Corps. Comics we have one goal in mind: Great Customer Service, Great store experience.

These two goals are what separates us from other comic bookstores. Everyone from collectors and casual readers we all support local (comic bookstore) business because they're supposed to provide us a sense of community, a place that we all belong and feel accepted and to most stores this is what may have been missing. Let's be honest we've all been to comic books store that makes us feel like we're just dollar signs, you walk into their doors there isn't a sense of urgency and welcoming and answering your questions becomes almost like a chore. Multiverse Corps. Comics aims to change that and bring back: great service and great store experience...and we give it back to you...the people (insert Bane's voice here).

Here are just 3 key store features on how we will do this.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly Blogs

One of the things we are doing here at Multiverse Corps. Comics that will be different is this section on our website, our blog section is dedicated on updating you on the back-end stuff. We will give you updates on what it's like to be a comic book retailer, news about upcoming books, improvements in and around the store basically an inside looks on how the store operates. Why? because we don't believe there should be a divide between us (retailers) and you our customers, we as retailers are just like you we love comic books, we love the story, we love the art work and we're collectors, by letting you in our world we're also opening up on suggestions on what we need to do to better improve and make things better for you our customers.  



Another change we believe will heighten your experience as a customer is how we take care of your comic books: Every week, Every book. How do we do this? We treat these books like the way they should be: A part of history. Every New Comic Book Day (Wednesdays) every book that comes in are handled with cotton white gloves and put into Anti-acid backboards and plastic bag.   To some this may not be anything new which is true, but how many can actually say that the backboard they have are Anti-acid and FREE and handed with white cotton gloves? We want to give you books that are NM (Near Mint) 9.0 raw grade. Ofcourse there will be cases where we will run out of backboards and bags but that doesn't mean we won't handle them with white cotton gloves.  

Finally, Discounts. Kevin Smith once said; "one of the most common enemy of a comic book collector and enthusiast is Money." At Multiverse Corps. Comics we don't want money to get in the way of what you love, so we have formulated a way to combine two mediums we love and we know you love: Discounts and staying connected (Social Media). 

You will find out that by combining these two we have the perfect formula to give you a discount on your books while staying connected to us and everyone that loves comics books just like you do. When you come in our store and check in on your social media and use some of our hashtags and stay connected through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter you save money on your purchases. Why not turn social media to an outlet to get discounts.  


Esports Lounge

This is something different, some may have seen something similar most not at all. At Multiverse Corps. Comics we believe that change is inevitable and a comic book store is a living tapestry that's changing with time and that time is now, we're combining both entertainment culture on the raise: Esports and Comic Books. 

Multiverse Corps. Comics also provides a private room for everyone that are huge video game and Esports fans. Whether it's tournament fighting games, FPS we provide various packages everyone can enjoy. You can book the room for hours with either Xbox One, PS4 or the soon to come Mircosofts Project Scorpio. We provide 65"of True 4K UHD TV to fully submerge you in the game(s), a home theater surround sound and of course snacks and drinks. This lounge will help you improve your game whether it's for casual gaming or if you're training for an upcoming Esports competition, and every month we do have a theme tournament that runs through the whole month. 

These 3 are just some of what we will provide you our customers to give you the best experience when you walk-in our doors. Our grand opening is in August 2017 and as the weeks goes by until our grand opening this website will make pages available to you, so remember to check back and see what else is in store for you.