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Vanesa Del Rey Signing and Appearance (Valentine's Day Weekend Special)

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This Valentine's Day Weekend will mark our store's first major signing and our anniversary event with Vanesa Del Rey.

Since last year Vanesa has been one of the most demanded cover artist today her resume keeps growing: Wakanda Forever, The Sentry, Empty Man, Ice Cream Man and the list keeps on growing, and to cap it off she and Jordie Bellaire was nominated for an Eisner Award for Redlands.

Finally, our friends at Mad Cave will also stop by along with Mark London Creator of Midnight Task Force and this year's HUGE independent hit Knights of the Golden Sun.

They will be here as well signing our store exclusive variant cover!! This will be the only place you can get this book signed by both Vanesa Del Rey and Mark London.

Don't miss this Huge Anniversary Special!

- None certified: Free
- Certified: $10/book (goes to you) 
- Certification: $53.50/book (store) (extra)
- Certificate of Authenticity: $5/book (goes to the store) 

- Sketches $50/book (goes to the artist)
- Certification Sketches: $55/book (Store) (extra)
- Certificate of Authenticity: $5/book

- Remarks $30/book (goes to the artist)
- Certificate of Authenticity: $5/book (Store) 
- Certification Remarks: $53.50/book (Store)

Store opens at 10am
Line-up starts at 2pm
Appearance and Signing
P: 305-987-5302