Jonboy Meyers - VIP Pass


Jonboy Meyers - VIP Pass


Don’t miss out on the BIGGEST Comic Book Store Event in August: Multiverse Corps Comics Two Year Anniversary!

Superstar Artist Jonboy Meyers is stopping by during the Biggest Comic Book Store Event in August, meeting everyone to sign, chat and sketch!

This VIP Signature Pass includes:

  • Skip the Line! No Line Ups…No Waiting!

  • 4 Books Signed Free (Raw)

  • FREE Signing Window (Why do the work? Bring your book(s) before the event and we’ll cut your bag and board for a professional done signing window)

  • No waiting in line (Skip the line)

Sketches in this pass includes:

  • $180/Sketches (No Color) Neck Up

    **Please note: there are 20 Spots Available for this package for Sketches both color and no color**

  • First Sketches to be done

Please Note:

  • $5/book after 4 books (Signatures)

  • Artist Fee per book for CGC Grading books $10/book.

  • CGC Signature Series Grading is $30/book

  • Full Detail Sketch w/Color (Bust) $220

  • Playing Card Sketch (No Color) $180

  • Remarks: $180

**Please Note: Only CGC Certifications are allowed at this signing, No CBCS witnessing at this time.

**Certificate of Authenticity option available - $5.00/book

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