What is FUNKO NOW?

Tired of always seeing doubles and triples of Funkos you've already have?! Traveling time not even worth it anymore since you'll see the exact same thing over and over again at stores?!

A NEWER and BETTER way to get the Funko Pop you Want...for a LOWER Price.

(YES, That also Including CHASE POP)

FUNKO NOW puts the stress of traveling and hunting far away and makes things easy for you to get the FUNKO POP you want. 



FUNKO PREORDERS you let us know: What Funko POP you want...and how many! No Limit, No Cap. 

Do you hate the fact that you keep runnin out of NEW FUNKO POPs on release date?

You just can't make it to your comic book store and when you finally find the time to stop by they're all SOLD...OUT!

With FUNKO PREORDERS You'll never run out even if you're not at the store on Release Date.



Here's how it works:


2018 Funko Pops catalog:

1) Fill out the form Provided for you: Let us know the name(s) of the POP or send us a picture.

2) We contact you within 36-48 hrs. and let you know if it is available or not

3) If available, we will let you know when it will be delivered and expect for pick up.

4) Pay right on the phone (via CC or stop by the store in person and pay Cash)

5) That's it!

UPCOMING NEW FUNKO POPs (the Hype Program)

1) Wait for THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from Funko concerning new POPs coming out.

2) Check our Website for PreOrder availability (If not Available on our website yet, GIVE US A CALL and PreOrder on the phone)

3) That's it!

No More Hunting...No More Disappointments...No more of the same Doubles and Triples over and over again.

FUNKO NOW! is a NEW way of SECURING that you will never be disappointed when it comes to what matters most.

At Multiverse Corps. Comics there is nothing more that we care about than Our Customer Service and Experience, we never want to have our customer disappointed in any form. With FUNKO NOW! Your Funko collection will never have a gap and you'll never miss out.

Best of all...NO PRICE HIKE on regular FUNKO POP....which means, more savings!