Esports has been one of the fastest growing sports today. It has grown tremendously, incurring a large increase in both viewership and prize money. At Multiverse Corps. Esports Lounge we love gaming so much that we have a private room dedicated to casual gaming and competitive gaming alike.

Make no mistake, this is no birthday party room for kids, this is no Dave and Busters.

This lounge is for serious gamers and fans alike. 

Our Esports Lounge includes:

  • Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox One X
  • 65" 4K True HD TV's to fully involve you in the game
  • Surround Sound Speakers
  • Arcade style Joysticks
  • Couch and Bar Stools

Esports Lounge Daily Rates

At Multiverse Corps. Comics we are not just a comic book store, we're also a place where amateur Esports athlete can come in compete leisurely and practice their skills with other just like them in hopes that some day. Our 65" TV, Xbox one console and/or PS4 are dedicated on helping gamers like yourself, hone their skills and develop them to reach elite level. You too can leave a mark in the Esports world and join Esports teams the likes of: Cloud9, Fnatic, SK Gaming, Faze Clan and OpTic Gaming. 

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Esports Tournaments (The Multiverse Invitation)

At Multiverse Corps. Comics we also hold monthly theme tournaments, we believe on helping every gamer reach their highest potential and one of the ways to do this is by competing against other gamers just like yourself. The thrill of competing for something big gets you prepared for the real competition. Make no mistake, bragging right is not the only thing you'll gain after winning, this tournament does have a prize at the end of the rainbow.  

Finally, every year fans and customers get to vote 8 out of 11 winners (one for each month) and 8 out of 11 2nd place winners for a 1v1 battle to be The Multiverse Corps. Invitation 'Undisputed Champion'



**Top Challengers are voted at the end of each month, where Top winners are picked every year.