Blue Star Pass Plus - (Only 10 Avail)


Blue Star Pass Plus - (Only 10 Avail)


Don’t miss out on one of our BIGGEST Comic Book Store Artist Signing Event!

Superstar Artist Clayton Crain is stopping by, meeting and greeting everyone to sign, chat and sketch!

This Blue Star Pass Plus includes:

Clayton Crain Variant Cover for DCeased #1 (All Black Cover - Sold out Everywhere)

  • 1 Books Signed Free (Raw)

  • FREE Signing Window (Why do the work? Bring your book(s) before the event and we’ll cut your bag and board for a professional done signing window)

  • Signing begins at 2pm (Line up expected)

  • Multiverse Corps Comics COA (Certificate of Authenticity) Included


  • $300/Sketches (No Color) Neck Up

    **Only if artist permits, Cash Only**

Please Note the following are extra charges:

  • $15/book after 1 books (Signatures)

  • Artist Fee per book for CGC Grading books $25/book.

  • CGC Signature Series Grading is $30/book

  • Playing Card Sketch (No Color): TBA

  • Remarks: TBA

**Please Note: Only CGC Certifications are allowed at this signing, No CBCS witnessing at this time.

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