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Multiverse Corps. Comics is proud to be the first of it's kind here in Miami to give fans just like yourself the opportunity to commission TOP and LOCAL artist without breaking the bank. 

Just imagine Top Artist from Marvel and DC Comics illustrating a one of a kind art on your blank cover, or maybe on as small as a 6x9 sheet to a large 11x17, or maybe an up and coming artist; get illustration from local up and coming artist before they become big and have the honor or getting one of their first ever commissioned art. 


Top Artist from Top Publishers


Vanesa Del Rey

Cuban artist Vanesa R. Del Rey began her career doing concept art for animation. Her work in comics has been described as dark, gritty and mysterious with great dominance of figurative work. She has illustrated Scarlet Witch, Spider-Women Alpha, and Daredevil Annual (2016) for Marvel Comics. REDLANDS, co-created with Jordie Bellaire is her first creator-owned series with Image Comics. She currently lives and works by the beach in Miami, FL.

Jeff Dekal.jpg

Jeff Dekal

Jeff Dekal is a freelance illustrator who was born and raised in South Florida. The introduction to graffiti while he was in high school gave the first serious meaning to Jeff’s art and is also where he adopted his alias, Dekal. After being educated about art history in college, he was inspired to stray from the characters and letters of graffiti and focus more on figurative art. Jeff is currently working in the comic industry as a cover artist. His clients include Marvel, Creature Entertainment, and Dark Horse.



 A home bred artist gifted at a young age with natural talent for drawing and painting anything from superheroes to outlandish creatures, monsters, robots, cartoons and landscapes. Known for his work on DC's Aquaman, Justice League, Legion Worlds, Man of Steel, StormWatch and Trinity of Sin. Recent indie projects with SpaceGoat Comics "Evil Dead2" Howling, Legendary comics “Pacific Rim”, Godzilla Awakening”, Dark Horse "ArchEnemies" and Pinwheel Press "Man of God" 


Top Local Artists Right in your Backyard


Greg Kirkpatrick

Greg Kirkpatrick is a local comic book artist. His credits include Big Bang Presents: Ultiman Family, Living in Infamy, Novavolo, Occupational Hazards, The Savage Dragon, and Season of the Witch. 

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Allie Morales

Allie has been an indy artist for 10 years and for the first time she is now open to do some commission. Her unique digital art has been the corner stone of her one of a kind art, with combine fantasy and reality her art has put a unique twist on digital art.


Each of these artists are currently accepting requests for commissions. For rates and commission options please fill out the form below and we will get back with you within 24-36 hrs.

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**Please note at any given time some of the artist maybe working on projects for top publishing companies and commission work may take a few weeks to complete**